– I’ve been teaching languages for 20 years and English for 12 years;
– I speak three languages at a professional level (apart from my mother tongue) and I learnt one of them (Italian) on my own;
– I worked as a Didactic Coordinator for 7 years in two different language schools in Palermo, so I have plenty of experience in course design & management, evaluation, recruitment, training and monitoring, exam preparation, planning and running, etc.
– I’m a mother of two extraordinary children.
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I belong to those teachers who don’t only teach language, but help you understand yourself. So apart from ‘teaching English’, you can expect:
1. personality building
2. career advice
3. skill analysis
4. goal-oriented course planning
5. insight into professional online and multimedia teaching
6. concrete results.
Teaching&Learning English is team-work and a magical combination of professional guidance and friendship, filled with respect, care and attention – vice versa.

I don’t teach English, I teach people.

Erna Takacs – English Teacher


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