Appy Advent – Activities for Advent Time (Week 3)

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Welcome to the third week of ELT-Tutor’s Appy Advent Scratch challenge (download the Appy Advent Calendar here). Just like in the first two weeks, you can discover a new animation, quiz or game every day, you can explore the code inside and create your own version with a video tutorial (if there is something new to learn) or an ‘edit’ version of the code (to put into the correct sequence and/or complete). Scratch is free online app (available also for download) created for kids to learn the basics of coding: algorithm, sequences, repetition, variables, etc. It’s a visual platform, so instead of memorizing code strings, kids can create animations and games by using puzzle pieces. For all those who love experimenting, this is the Tutorial section of the Scratch Team YouTube Channel. Good coding!

N.B. You can use the Scratch app online without registration. However, if you want to name and save your projects, you will need to create a free account. Use an avatar name. Once you saved a project, you can share it.

When you remix any of the projects in this Advent calendar, a message appears on my message board. If you’ve respected the main rules of all Scratchers (constructive criticism, nice people, etc.), your project will be added to this studio:: APPY ADVENT CALENDAR – MASTERPIECES.

#15 What’s the weather like?

We’ve talked about autumn and Christmas, but these might look very different depending on where you live (mind: Christmas in Australia is in the summer!). So, let’s talk about the weather:

Instructions: Click onto the Green Flag and answer the questions about the weather.

Find the link here to SEE INSIDE.

Challenge yourself with the edit version:
1) Click ‘See inside’
2) Can you put the question-answer sequence in order?

If you have your own version, we’d love to see it.

#16 It’s snowing

After yesterday’s weather-talk, let it snow today:

Instructions: Press the Green Flag and watch the snow falling.

Click here SEE INSIDE.

Find the edit version here:
1) Click ‘See inside’.
2) There are 5 snowflakes in four columns.
3) Reconstruct the code for the first snowflake.
4) Copy it to the other four sprites in the same row: mind, they should appear every 0.4 seconds.
5) Copy the code onto the sprites in the other rows. Change the start position and the time (already given on the first sprite in each row).

Your turn, show us what you can do!

#17 Polar Bear Story

Let me take you to the North Pole today… No, we are not visiting Santa, but we have two friends waiting there for us with a story:

Instructions: Click onto the Green Flag and listen to the Polar Bear’s story. He will ask you some questions too.

Here is the link to SEE INSIDE.

Video Tutorial:

Finally, as always, show us your animation.

#18 Pumpkin music

Where I live, it hardly ever snows, but orange pumpkins pile up on the street markets. They inspired this animation:

Instructions: Click onto the Green Flag and then start composing music with the pumpkins. Click on each of them and then use your imagination.

Here’s the link to SEE INSIDE.

Can you remake it with this edit version?
1) Click ‘See inside’.
2) Put the code for the first pumpkin in order.
3) Copy it seven times.
4) They should be smaller than the original one: 45, 40, 35, 30, 25, 20, 15.
5) Each of them represents another Trombone note: D, E, F, G, A, B, C2.
6) Place them on the screen as you like.
7) Are you ready to play music?

Let your imagination fly: create your own music creator or compose something nice and share it with the Scratch community.
N.B. You will not find the pumpkin sprite: I made it with two orange balls, a dozen black lines and some green colour. Try it: draw your own sprite, a pumpkin, an apple, whatever you’d like to animate.

#19 Which present for whom?

The Christmas presents are getting ready, but sometimes there is some confusion which present is for whom. Look:

Instructions: Click onto the green flag, then use the arrow keys to move the character around. When they touch their Christmas present, you will hear victorious music and get a new character.
Have fun!

Here’s the link to SEE INSIDE.

Video Tutorial:

Now you know how to use arrows to move a sprite around on the screen. Use this new knowledge and create something great: looking forward to seeing it.

#20 Naughty Elf

Let’s enter the empire of Scratch games. Catch me if you can… with a Naughty Elf:

Instructions: Click onto the Green Flag and catch the Naughty Elf. Every time you can click on him/her, you’ll earn a point.
Good Elf Catching!

Here’s the link to SEE INSIDE.

Video Tutorial:

Can’t wait to see what you create.

#21 Red Gift, Blue Gift

Another version of the catch game:

– Click onto the Green Flag, then:
– Click onto the red presents to get one point, but
– don’t click onto the blue presents!


Work on the edit version:
1) Click ‘See inside’.
2) Copy the code onto the other sprites. The two variables (Time and Score) have already been set up.
3) Change the time (the other sprites should appear after a random number of seconds, already copied onto them).
4) You should award the players with 1 point if clicking on the red presents and take 2 points (-2) if clicking on the blue ones (also this on the sprites already).

Your turn!


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