LESSON PLAN – Conversation about Problems & Solutions

/ A2, B1, B2, C1, Speaking and Conversation, Teachers

This is a lesson plan for a conversation lesson about problems and possible solutions for A2+ level ESL classes. BULLETPOINTS: Topic: Problems and solutions;Level: A2+;Time: 60 min;Material: whiteboard, marker;Preparation time: none;Skill: speaking;Function: Giving advice(You should/could …, Why don’t you …, You might want to consider V-ing…, etc., depending on the level of the students);Grammar/Vocab: Modals – should, might, could, I’d suggest that you …;Group size: 4+.

LESSON PLAN: Asking for and Giving Personal Information

/ A1, A2, Speaking and Conversation, Teachers

This is a lesson plan with worksheet for A1-A2 classes who are learning or revising how to ask for and give personal information. BULLETPOINTS: Level: A1-A2 (Elementary); Age: adults; Group size: any; Aim: to practice question formations – to ask questions about personal information; – to give information about personal details; Skill: speaking; Grammar: questions, to be, have got; Vocabulary: personal details; Length: 90 min; Preparation time: 5 min (print and cut student’s worksheet); Material: student’s worksheet (one sheet per two students), whiteboard + marker.


/ A2, Grammar training, Teachers, Young Learners

A quick game to have 20 minute fun-time in a Flyers lesson after having taught future forms (going to and present continuous for the future). BULLETPOINTS: Level: Flyers (A2); Age: 7-12; Group size: any; Aim: to activate previously learnt future forms; Skill: writing (tracing) and speaking; Grammar: going to and present continuous for the future; Vocabulary: birthday; Length: 30 min; Preparation time: none; Material: worksheet attached.