EASTER: ESL worksheets and activities

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ESL materials for Easter: quizzes, songs and worksheets 17th April 2022 VIDEO QUIZ (B1): Practise strong adjectives with the Easter Factory scene from HOP (2011) Interactive worksheet (A1/A2): Watch a short scene from HOP (E.B. playing the drums, starring David Hasselhoff) and answer to listening comprehension questions and do some background check: Interactive worksheet (A2/B1): Watch a short scene from Rise of the Guardians (2012) and practise listening comprehension (true/false) and sentence completion with gerund vs. to+infinitive verb forms: Easter Jokes: Looking for cool worksheets for your ESL lessons? FREE MATERIALS for kids/Young Learners: A one-page worksheet with a picture,

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Teach vocabulary and grammar with Halloween slides to YL:In Italy, most language courses start in October, just before Halloween. This means that Halloween lessons are due to become grammar revision lessons. If you are teaching Young Learners at A1 level, you might need to revise nouns: 1) with indefinite article (a/an), 2) in plural forms,3) with adjectives (adjective-noun word order).Here’s a downloadable slide show combining these grammar points with Halloween vocabulary for 6-10-year-old YL students.


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Movies offer a wide range of benefits to students: even if they have already seen the film in their first language, by watching it in another language will teach them how to listen and catch first words, then phrases, finally complete sentences. With subtitles, they teach vocabulary and pronunciation patterns, however, it becomes more a reading task. With an ESL film quiz, it can be even done in self-study mode. This time a romantic comedy for Christmas at A2/B1 level: THE HOLIDAY.