GRAMMAR: Gerunds vs Infinitives

/ A2, B1, B2, Grammar training, Intermediate, Pre-intermediate, Upper-intermediate

Teach or revise gerunds and infinitives with these video quizzes at A2, B1 and B2 level. Every video quiz contains questions that are suitable for a conversation lesson: student can answer/discuss them in pairs or small groups after completing the video tasks (for example, on their smart phones).The first three video quizzes were inspired by the International Women’s Day: all questions listed in them relate to women (and men). The B2-level videos are general questions about one’s habits, memories, personality, etc. LEVEL A2: Revise verbs with infinitive vs gerund forms at pre-intermediate (A2) level: Students need to complete questions while

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Sting: It’s probably me

/ B2, Listening training

Dive into Sting’s famous song (It’s probably me) and check your students’ understanding of implicit messages. Ideal for B2 classes. Loading… WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO DO NOW? GO BACK TO SONG POST BROWSE LESSON TIPS SEE MATERIALS FOR LISTENING TRAINING GO BACK TO ‘STUFF-ROOM’