Write a Story with these Scratch Story Prompts

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My children have received a toy which I find genial: it’s a story box where you can choose three variables of the story: the set (city, countryside, space, sea), the type of protagonists (animals, fantasy, jobs) and a situation (conflict, love, friendship, etc.). Once you defined the three categories, it tells you a story. Although the quality of the stories are not the highest, the idea is really good. So, it didn’t take long to find a way to adapt it to my English lessons – and my Scratch meetings. The idea was to provide inputs for a story students

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BULLETPOINTS: Level: B1/B1+; Age: teens, adults; Group size: any; Aim: to write a review; Skill: writing; Grammar: passives, would + infinitive; Vocabulary: strong adjectives; Length: 60+ min; Preparation time: none; Material: computer or mobile phone with internet connection.


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This lesson might well be one of the most popular lessons you have done so far. It’s ideal for all ages, but the best for teens and young adults. There is only one rule: YOU CANNOT SPEAK. NOT A WORD. COMPLETE SILENCE, PLEASE! This way, you (Teacher) can relax and conduct an engaging writing lesson.


/ All levels, Resource Bank, Writing Training

BULLETPOINTS: Level:  any; Age: 7+; Group size: any; Aim: to write a story together and to learn how to use paragraphs; Skill: writing; Grammar: -; Vocabulary: -; Length: 60+ min; Preparation time: none; Material: 5-10 sheets with a story starter (see below), pens, scissors, paperclips.