This is a free level assessment test: it aims to understand your entry level in English.

Here the details:

Test your level in English HERE and NOW!

– The quiz has got 33 questions – you can answer as many as you can.

– It takes about 20-25 minutes to take.

– You can leave a comment, ask questions or make requests at the end of the test.

– If you choose to receive a confirmation email, you will be sent your test answers.

– Within two working days (48 hours) an email will be sent to you from with your test result and a possible course offer.

IMPORTANT: Your email address will NOT be sold to third parties or used for any other reasons than a single course-offer by ELT-Tutor. In case you don’t reply to the course offer, your data will be cancelled after 15 days.

Open the test in a separate tab.


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