This is a free level assessment test: it aims to understand your entry level in English.

Here the details:

Test your level in English HERE and NOW!

– The quiz has got 37 questions – you can answer as many as you can.

– It takes about 20-25 minutes to take.

– You can leave a comment, ask questions or make requests at the end of the test.

– If you provide a valid email, you will be invited to attend a FREE online interview to evaluate your speaking skills (on Zoom/meet/Skype).

– After this video call, you will receive your corrected test and you can see your correct answers and also your mistakes to learn from. Within two working days (48 hours), an email will be sent to you from with a possible course offer, which you can accept (and you hopefully will) or decline.

IMPORTANT: Your email address will NOT be sold to third parties or used for any other reasons than a single course-offer by ELT-Tutor. In case you don’t reply to the course offer, your data will be cancelled after 15 days.

Open the test in a separate tab.


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