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Films offer a wide range of benefits to students: even if they have already seen the film in their first language, by watching it in another language will teach them how to listen and catch first words, then phrases, finally complete sentences. With subtitles, they teach vocabulary and pronunciation patterns, however, it becomes more a reading task. With a quiz, it can be even done in self-study mode. This time a romantic comedy for Christmas: THE HOLIDAY.

Try out this list of tasks in your lesson or assign it for homework: students are asked to answer to different types of questions while watching the romantic comedy ‘The Holiday’. The film is an excellent example of British and American accent in English.

The quiz has 6 sections. Students need to read the questions for each section first, then watch the film in English (with English subtitles if necessary) and stop at the minutes written at the top. They can revise their answers before moving onto the next section.

After submitting the quiz, they get immediate feedback on their score. You can them follow up with some engaging class discussion.

It could be used as a nice change in your last lesson before the Christmas holidays. The film is available on Netflix.

Click onto the picture to go to the Google Form:


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