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This time, let me invite you to enjoy a great thriller with your students and to work on an ESL film quiz written for B2/C1 students. In addition to the obvious benefits (improving listening skills, expanding vocabulary, etc.), this film gives plenty of opportunities to speculate about what might have happened before, since it is told in reverse.

THIS IS A QUIZ to do while watching the film, SHIMMER LAKE, a 2017 American neo-noir crime film written and directed by Oren Uziel. It is visible on Netflix.

The film is segmented into days by different scenes where somebody wakes up with a fright. Students are asked to read the questions before every session and stop at the end of each day (Friday – Thursday – Wednesday – Tuesday) and answer them.

At the end, they can get immediate feedback by clicking onto SUBMIT.

You can use this film quiz in your lesson or assign it for homework. It requires a high level of English, since the story is complicated in itself, so the language work should be more about idioms and set phrases, and not so much about key elements of the script.

Before watching, ask your students to think about these questions: 1. Do you sometimes wake up with a fright? If so, why?
2. Do you think you know your brothers/sisters well enough?
3. Is there anything that would make you accept a bribe or rob a bank?

After the film, you might want to invite your students to find and present other intriguing stories to the class. Another remarkable example of films told in reverse is Memento (2000). Other Netflix thrillers offering an astonishing end are, for example, Dream House (2011), The Invisible Guest (2016) and Shutter Island (2010).

Click onto the image to go to the Quiz:


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