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December 2020 – When I started teaching online I kept going back to one website to test my students’ grammar knowledge in test-teach-test approach. At the beginning, it was a simple blog, however, it has grown up to a prodigious test bank. Today, I invite you to visit the TEST-ENGLISH website.

The website has gradually expanded their test database to a considerable extent since 2016. It targets students mainly, but also teachers can take advantage of the content, above all in their online lessons.

TEST ENGLISH offers a LEVEL TEST (with 60 questions, a bit longer than usual) to students who don’t really know their level. This can be used in an online course too, for example, in a first lesson to assess a new student’s level.

The user can search for tests in five categories (Grammar, Listening, Reading, Use of English and Writing, although the latter is still under construction as of today) and at five levels (A1 – Elementary, A2 – Pre-intermediate, B1 – Intermediate, B1+ – Upper-intermediate, B2 – Pre-Advanced). Once the category and the level have been chosen, the visitor can choose from a variety of exercises. Since they are all interactive, they can be used for self-study, teachers can assign them for homework, they are excellent exercises for practice or test task for evaluation.

In Grammar there are more exercises to the same topic, each testing the same grammar point with a different task type (multiple-choice, sentence completion, etc.). In the Use of English session, the task type is given in the task title (these exercises aim at exam training). There is also a wide choice of Listening and Reading tasks to all levels, with embedded audio/video materials and reading texts.

The website is very well-made, has a clear structure and is consistent in its style and design. A real professional example of an educational website and an excellent proof that consistent and coordinated team work of teacher colleagues can result in a remarkable collection of useful materials.

So whenever you are missing a skill training, for example, a listening task or a reading comprehension exercise in your lesson plan, or you need to insert an internal assessment session in your long-term plan, it’s worth while checking out the TEST-ENGLISH website.



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