General English Courses with ELT-Tutor

Following a general English course means working on all four skills (listening, speaking, reading and writing) and both instruments (grammar and vocabulary). You might follow a book or adequate online materials. ELT-Tutor can help you in both cases.


General English Courses - 30 hours in a mini-group with a real teacher

What happens if you click? You will be taken to the check-out page. After the payment, you will receive an email with a link to the ELT-Tutor Level Assessment Test. The results of this test will be emailed to you and you can book your first lesson online. If you have any questions, no problem, CONTACT ME.

Remember that you can always opt for a Mini Course to train only your speaking skill or prepare for an exam, presentation or job-interview:

To be able to give you an appropriate course offer, we need to know your entry level, this means the level you need to learn and/or revise:


ELT-TUTOR ALSO SUGGESTS these websites to practise general English:


BRITISH COUNCIL – LEARN ENGLISH: Vocabulary revision from A to Z
ENGLISH CLUB: Word of the day (sayings, idioms, phrasal verbs and slang words)


BRITISH COUNCIL – LEARN ENGLISH: Grammar reference bank
CAMBRIDGE DICTIONARY: British grammar exercises
OXFORD PRACTICE GRAMMAR: reading and grammar test bank


BRITISH COUNCIL – LEARN ENGLISH: Ever-green for every student from A1 to C1
NEWSY: News videos with transcripts
ELLO: Listening lessons for everyone
ESL VIDEO: Videos and scenes with questions
TED: Great talks with transcripts in many languages


SPEAK AND IMPROVE: Try to convince this little robot that you are really good in English


BRITISH COUNCIL – LEARN ENGLISH: Reading exercises from A1 to C1
NEWS IN LEVELS: Read the same news article at different levels
MACMILLAN: Reader’s Level Test


BRITISH COUNCIL – LEARN ENGLISH: free sample texts and exercises
WRITE & IMPROVE: free writing tasks and proofreading


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