You speak English, but keep making the same mistakes? Maybe you worked abroad and learnt the language ‘in the wild’, without any guidance and error correction? So, it’s time to do some English grammar exercises?

Or you learnt grammar a while ago (probably explained in your mother tongue). However, you started then using the language without connecting your sentences to the old grammar book.

Perhaps you are working in a multi-cultural environment, where making yourself understood is more important than using accurate grammar.

It’s possible that you have been studying English for many years, yet never understood the tense system, even less the conditional forms?

And why not: you might be a native English speaker, ready to dive into your life adventure as a language teacher, but have little clue about grammar rules and explanation.

Well, you might want to work with me:

ELT-TUTOR ALSO SUGGESTS these websites with online grammar quizzes:

– BRITISH COUNCIL – LEARN ENGLISH: Grammar reference bank
– CAMBRIDGE DICTIONARY: British grammar exercises
– OXFORD PRACTICE GRAMMAR: reading and grammar test bank

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