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One more week to go and the Christmas holidays are here. So these last lessons before the big celebrations should be about fun and Christmas vocabulary. This 10-page activity book has seven colouring tasks for 6-12-year old YL classes ready to print&go.

There are seven black-and-white pictures with tasks such as:
teacher-led guided colouring: the teacher reads the instructions and the students colour the picture following these;
student-centered guided colouring: students read the instructions and follow them (colour, draw and write);
reading comprehension: students read a text and decorate a picture based on the information given in it;
picture dictation: students complete a picture following a list of items.

All these exercises prepare for Cambridge YLE Starters, Movers and Flyers Listening Papers last part: guided colouring.

Sample pages:

Download the booklet for free:

Christmas Activity Book 2021 – DOWNLOAD

You can purchase a set of 27 Taboo cards with Christmas vocabulary on TpT:

This is a set of 27 lexical items linked to Christmas from Santa Claus & Christmas three over bells & angel to Christmas pudding & snowflake. There are two files attached: a Google Slide which you can personalize and a pdf file. You can use both on your Interactive Whiteboard or computer screen and play the game in your last lesson before Christmas with children from 6 to 14. Every slide/page displays a word to explain (with a picture to help) and three taboo words which the students cannot say while explaining the main word.
NB: All pictures are free to use for commercial reasons without attributions from Many thanks for the courtesy.

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