You might have started teaching online years ago or ended up in the cyberspace due to COVID-19 regulations. For one or the other, here you can find worksheets with complete lesson plans for your next lesson.

Describing a picture is part of many lessons: we use it to warm up, we analyze visual inputs around a reading text and students need to be ready for picture description in exam situations. Here is a lesson idea how to teach lexical items related to picture description at A2-B1 level, but instead of describing personal photos or impersonal text book pictures, let’s talk about paintings. ENTER

Fed up with or keen on selfies? Whatever your view is, selfies are a way of artistic self-expression and a reason for increasing accidental death cases. In this B2-C1 lesson plan you can discuss it with your students and also revise narrative tenses and reported speech. ENTER

Jobs of the Future

This lesson plan invites you and your students to think about potential future jobs and discuss how to find the perfect match for these jobs. It helps to think about how algorithms might substitute HRM-intuition and what hidden talents YOU might have. TEDTalk, TED read and job quizzes included for B1+ and higher students. ENTER

This lesson plan (series) gives you some help to prepare your students for a job interview. Some important questions like video resumes, new work environments, dress code and work-life balance are discussed helped by scenes from the 2015 film The Intern with Robert De Niro and Anne Hathaway.

This lesson plan opens provoking debates about ‘traditional’ browsers and possible new ones using encryption to protect their users’ privacy, however, they also open a window into the so-called dark net. Based on an intriguing TEDTalk for B2+ students. ENTER

Go to YL LP about daily routines

This is a lesson plan for an online lesson with Young Learners discussing daily routines and revising question formation ENTER

Happy New Year!

NOTA BENE: In the name of saving the Amazon rainforest, ELT-Tutor stands up against printable lesson plans and worksheets. Due to COVID-19, most of us are teaching online and we are going to continue with digital lessons more than before even when we finally get back to normality. In most classrooms in Europe, teachers have interactive whiteboards and most students have at least a smart phone in their pocket. So, starting from January 2021, all lesson plans are online and the worksheets are interactive quizzes. I hope you agree to this change.

LP to TEDTalk: How Christmas lights helped guerrillas put down their guns

An unconventional Christmas lesson plan with worksheets for B2+ students which leads from the Colombian guerrillas over the power to advertisement to Christmas spirit. ENTER

LP about gym and work-out language

A vocabulary-based lesson plan with worksheets for B1 and higher students about gym, cross-fit, working out, walking and fitness anytime and anywhere. ENTER

LP to Paperman - verbs in simple past

A lesson plan with worksheets to revise regular and irregular verbs in simple past at A1-A2 level with a silent animation about love and destiny. ENTER

LP about regular verbs in simple past - with the end-scene from Ratatouille

In this lesson plan with worksheets, Ramy and Alfredo (Ratatouille) are trying to help you to introduce or revise regular verbs in simple past with your A1-A2 students. ENTER

LP about irregular verbs in simple past with Snack Away

Introduce or revise irregular verbs at A1-A2 level with your YL or ever-children adult students with a silent animation and Kung-fu Panda 2 (lesson plan and worksheets available). ENTER

LP to vocabulary: Rooms, furniture, hotels and B&B

Have you ever heard of a video review? New trend in reviewing accommodation types. But before that, let’s revise vocabulary related to rooms and furniture at A1-A2 level in this lesson plan with worksheets. ENTER

LP about negotiating, agreement, disagreement - Aunty Emma

Need for a new conversation topic? Last minute substitution? Here’s what saved me in many S.O.S. situations: a ready role-play for nearly any level (lesson plan and worksheet attached). ENTER

LP about complaining and suggesting solutions to problems

Everybody loves complaining and everybody can solve other people’s problems. Here’s a lesson plan for A2+ levels to simulate this in a role-play (only lesson plan). ENTER

LP about asking for and giving personal details

A ready lesson idea for A1-A2 level students to revise how to ask for and give personal details. Worksheet is attached to the lesson plan. ENTER

LP - How to revise vocabulary with NEF Mind-Maps?

Substitution? Partner-teaching? Entering classroom in five minutes and no idea what to do with your class? Revise vocabulary. Here’s how. ENTER


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