10 Awesome Easter Worksheets for Cool Kids



This Bundle includes 10 different worksheets:
1. Easter Egg Hunt cards: Six clues and a blind map to finish and cut up: an Easter Egg Hunt for any homes and then six pictures to colour for kids.
2. Easter Egg Hunt – Worksheet: This one-page worksheet deals with the tradition of Easter Egg Hunt and revises prepositions of place through an info-gap talking task.
3. Easter Worksheet for YL: Super-fun YL worksheet to practise ordinal numbers and superlative adjectives.
4. Easter Picture Worksheet: A two-page worksheet with two colourful pictures and conversation / true-false questions. Ideal for YLE preparation.
5. Compare the Easter Bunnies: This two-page worksheet starts with a simple find the differences and guided drawing task. It ends with a maze exercise. Ideal for smaller kids.
6. Easter Patterns: A one-page worksheet with chocolate eggs and Easter cakes; the question is: what’s the next picture in the pattern?
7. Four More Picture Riddles for Easter: Four more brain-teasing picture riddles with Easter vocabulary and spring flowers. Answer key included.
8. YL Story-Writing Worksheet for Easter: This three-page story-writing worksheet stimulates students’ imagination and revises simple past regular verb forms.
9. Guided Easter Colouring – Extra: A three-page worksheet with three black&white pictures to colour and instructions to follow. (Mind: Page 3 is available for free in 7 Totally Free ESL Worksheets for Easter)
10. Describe the Easter Eggs: A two-page worksheet for pre-teens to describe colours & patterns, like dotted, striped, flowered, etc.


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