A Valentine Activity Booklet for Super Kids (6-10)



Age: 6-10
ESL level: CEFR A1
Type: a 22-page printable activity book, seven pages are black&white, the others contain colourful pictures. The file is a 4Mb pdf document.
Target language: language related to Valentine’s Day (card, chocolate, couple, Cupid, flowers, heart, kiss, love, love birds, red roses, ring, romantic dinner, sunset, also: to fall in love, to send a message to someone)
Mind: Many tasks are suitable for non-ESL students.
Description of activity:
You can find a following exercises in the booklet:
– a picture dictionary with 12 lexical items;
– a reading comprehension task (understanding sentences);
– scrambled words, true/false statements about pictures, guided colouring, understanding definitions (all these are parts of the Cambridge Starters or Movers Reading & Writing Test);
– I Spy exercise;
– Colour dictation
– for maths: circle groups of objects, left or right activities, simple math formulas (1-10), identifying and counting objects, symmetric drawings, ordinal numbers (1st – 10th), identifying sizes (biggest/smallest), continuing patterns);
– for writing: Tracing and copying words and a text in printed letters.
The booklet ends with an exit ticket.
Time: 180 min
Font: The material contains different types of fonts, among these: Comic Sans MS, Garamond, Chalkboard SE and Snell Roundhand.
Images: Supplied courtesy of PIXABAY ( All pictures are free to use also for commercial use without attribution.



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