A1 Jig-Saw Reading Worksheet: Who lives here?



Age: 9-99
ESL level: CEFR A1-A2, also YL
Type: jig-saw reading (12 clues to identify houses in two versions: Student A and Student B), 2 pages in pdf-file and a third page with the answer key.
Target language: describing houses, names of fairy tales
Description of activity:
Students work individually, then in pairs.
They receive a version of the worksheet (version A or B). They read their clues and try to match each fairy tale characters to their homes. They won’t be able to do this completely without their partner’s help.
Then they pair up and exchange their data about each character. They try to identify together where each of them lives. They need to explain their point of view and accept their partner’s proposal or refuse it (with justification).
Mind: Before the task, you might revise names of the fairy tale characters and elicit some details about their stories.
Time: 30+ min
Font: Garamond


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