A1 Question-Answer Drill Task: Have you got…?



Age: 14-140
ESL level: CEFR A1
Type: two pages in pdf format with 2×16 question prompts for adult students and 2×16 for teens (to be printed and cut up into two charts).
Target language: have got, how much/many in questions

Description of activity:
Students get a set of questions to reconstruct. They can either write the questions down and in an open class feedback phase ask and answer them in chain or they interview each other in pairs.

The first page contains 16-16 questions with countable nouns, the second page contains 16-16 questions with uncountable nouns. They can be mixed up. Students need to repeat their previous questions starting them accurately with How much/How many. The chart at the top offers questions suitable for adult students, while the chart at the bottom has questions written for teens.

Time: 2x (15 + 15) min
Font: Lucida Grande, Garamond


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