A1 Vocabulary & Spelling Game Worksheet



Age: 7-99
ESL level: CEFR A1
Type: Speed and Vocabulary/Spelling Game (1 page in pdf format)
Target language: alphabet, activating acquired vocabulary (names of countries, cities, people’s names, objects, adjectives and verbs), spelling training
Description of activity: The teacher starts saying the alphabet in silence. One student stops him/her and the teacher calls out the letter at which he/she was interrupted. All students start to write one item to each category. The fastest stops the time and starts calling out the written words. Everyone who has written a word that was NOT written by anybody else, gets a point. So the fastest person might not be the winner of the round. The winner can stop the teacher citing the alphabet in the next round.
Use it as a warm-up, filler or wind-down task in any lesson you need to recap vocabulary or need to practise spelling. For more tips check out ELT-Tutor’s Lesson tips.
Time: 10-30 min


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