A1 Worksheet: Blind maze (collaborative speaking task)



Age: 12-120
ESL level: CEFR A1
Type: collaborative task, 2-page worksheet (in pdf format)
Target language: asking for and giving directions (basics of coding: algorithm, sequences)

Description of activity: Students work in pairs and get a copy of the worksheet (version A or version B). They are the person who asks for directions and listens to instructions in five situations, then the one who gives directions in other five situations. The start points and the destinations are marked with a point in the grid (e.g. E5). The student who provides directions needs to set up a route, then explain how to get to the destination point (which is not known by their partner). In order to ask correct questions and to give precise instructions, a list of useful expressions is provided (Go straight (number) blocks. Turn left / right.). You can also find two follow up tasks at the bottom of the worksheet. The task integrates very well into a curriculum teaching coding, since it provides practice of creating algorithms and following sequences.

Time: 30 min
Font: Papyrus, Garamond


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