A1 Worksheet: Class survey (Questions & Answers)



Age: 12-100
ESL level: CEFR A1-A2
Type: mingling speaking task (1-page worksheet to be cut up in three stripes + Teacher’s notes, pdf format)
Target language: asking and answering questions about a person

Description of activities: Students get a copy of the table and interview five of their peers mingling. They ask questions about the others’ name, date of birth, height, sisters & brothers, favourite subject, dream destination (for a holiday). Before the activity, make sure the students know how to ask for these details. The task is excellent during an A1 course or for a getting-to-know-you lesson at A2 level.
At the end, students are asked to make comparisons. Find detailed notes on page 2.

Time: 30 min
Font: Comic Sans MS, Garamond


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