A2-B1: Simple Past Regular Verb Story Reconstruction



Age: 18-100
ESL level: CEFR A2-B1
Type: three pages in pdf format to be printed and cut up into 22-22 cards
Target language: simple past regular verbs

Description of activity:
Students work in pairs. Give a set of cards (cut up in advance) to each couple (page 1). Give them 10 minutes to reconstruct the story.
Ask for feedback. Drill pronunciation.
Before the second round, you might want to swap partners.
In the second turn, give a set of cards to each couple (page 2) and ask them to reconstruct the story while completing the missing simple past forms.
Monitor the pairs.
Finally, give a set of cards to each couple (you might want to mix the pairs up again) with the key words (page 3) and ask them to remember the story based on these.
You can ask one or two students to retell the story in front of the entire class.
With B1 classes, you might skip the first step and start with the second round.

Variation: Do the first phase in open class. Read the first one or two cards to the class and elicit ideas what good things might happen that day to the man. Then add another card and repeat the question. Step by step, give more and more details about the day and see how well the students have guessed the events.

Follow-up: Ask your students to tell each other about the best day of their lives.
Mind: This task is suitable for Business English classes.

Time: 2/3×20 min
Font: Papyrus, Garamond


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