A2 Speaking Task: Second hand shop – products & prices



Age: 16-100
ESL level: CEFR A2
Type: role-play (1 page to be cut up in two halves, pdf format)
Target language: talking about used items (their age, condition, material, colour, price)

Description of activities: Put the students into two groups. Give a copy of the worksheet to one group. They need to complete the chart with details they find realistic in their hometown, in their time.

The other group gets these tasks:
Imagine that you are looking for
a) two-three objects for max. 50€ to sell online,
b) some objects for your new house,
c) something nice to show off with in front of your friends,
d) something your granddad used to have and left in a pawn shop.
You know a nice second-hand shop in your neighbourhood and you would like to shop there. For each situation, list some items you would find acceptable, a price and some other details next to it.

After this preparation, put one-one student from each group in pairs. They need to act out one or two dialogues (second-hand shop keeper and client). Swap partners if necessary. You can ask the students to repeat the same task (in order to improve on their fluency) or work on another situation.
At the end, ask for feedback.

Time: 30 min
Font: Noteworthy, Garamond


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