A2 Vocabulary Task: In the supermarket (doing the groceries)



Age: 12-99
ESL level: CEFR A2
Type: multiple matching (1-page worksheet in colours, in pdf + answer key)
Target language: language linked to sections in a supermarket, product names, negotiating about a possible lay-out of a new supermarket.

Description of activity:
Students see nine pictures showing supermarket shelves and three section names. First they need to eliminate the sections that are not represented in the picture on the left.
Then, they match products to each category.
Finally, you can ask them to work in small groups and rearrange the supermarket. What products would they group together and why? What would they separate? Ask for feedback at the end.
Note: The pictures are tiny, so ask your students to zoom into them with their smart phones.

Time: 10 + 10 + 20 min
Font: Garamond
Note: Images supplied courtesy of PIXABAY (
All pictures are free to use also for commercial use without attribution.


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