Advent Calendar: SCRATCH Animations & Games



This is an alternative Advent Calendar: instead of sweets, this project offers one Scratch animation, quiz or game to try, copy and remix for each day from 26th November to 24th December 2021.

Scratch is a free educational online app teaching kids the basics of coding visually: instead of code strings, you will find puzzle pieces to put into sequences.

This calendar is a pdf file with embedded links to the ELT-Tutor website. On the website, you will find the animation, a link to see inside the code, and either a video tutorial to follow or a link to the ‘edit version’ of the code, where brave Scratch fans can try and re-organize/complete the code.

You have the chance to share your own animations on the Appy Advent Calendar – Masterpieces studio. Here you can also read & write comments on the shared projects.

This material is ideal
– for your free time: you will need about an hour per day to master the projects;
– for home schooling;

– and I’d like to invite YL English teachers to try some of them in their classrooms: Scratch projects don’t only teach a wide range of vocabulary, but they also encourage pupils to interact with their peers in English by asking and answering questions about coding.

Why not give it it a try? Appy Advent!


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