An Unconventional LP – Christmas In A Different Light


Fed up with talking about Santa Claus and Christmas menu with your adult students? Try this lesson plan based on a surprising TEDTalk.


This is an unusual lesson plan about Christmas, suitable for Advanced (B2-C1) teen or adult students: it consists of a variety of speaking tasks, a longer article to read from and also a TEDTalk to watch. The aim of the lesson is to discuss Christmas in an unconventional way: instead of discussing consumerism and myths&legends, here students can exchange ideas about 2020’s very odd Christmas experience in lock-down and a very positive talk from 2014 given by Jose Miguel Sokoloff explaining how Christmas might open up people’s mind even in war-torn places.

You will receive three pdf-files:
– a lesson plan with all instructions and
two versions of the worksheet (Students’ version without answers and Teacher’s version with the answers).

The materials are plenty for a 90-minute lesson. Students need to read an article before the lesson (flipped classroom).

See a SAMPLE PAGE here.


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