B1 Negotiation Task: Testament negotiation



Age: 18-180
ESL level: CEFR B1
Type: role-play (1-page worksheet for students, one page with teacher’s notes and one page with useful language (to cut up into cards), 3 pages in total in pdf file
Target language: phrasal verbs, idiomatic expressions, language related to negotiation (agreement/disagreement)

Description of activity:
In this game, students imagine that they’ve received a mysterious letter from an old rich lady and have the chance to inherit marvellous things. They need to make up some stories before they negotiate in front of a solicitor and decide who gets what.
The task requires negotiation skills and can be expanded to a vocabulary teaching session (phrasal verbs and idiomatic expressions).
In order to improve fluency, students can repeat the negotiation phase.
This exercise is an inspiration of Aunty Emma and its Halloween version, Haunty Emma (available in this Halloween booklet).

Time: 60-90 min
Font: Garamond


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