B1 Speaking: Indirect questions and reported speech



Age: 18-125
ESL level: CEFR B1
Type: asking and answering questions (2-page speaking prompts in pdf format)
Target language: indirect questions, reported speech

Description of activities: Put your students into pairs. They get a set of set of questions starters (first row of the chart) and questions. Feel free to add five more questions you want them to practise. 

Students need to ask each other the questions, however, they are required to start their questions with one of the question starters (this way the questions need to be transformed into indirect ones).
Example: I’d like to know where you were born.
In a second phase, students change partners and report what questions they asked and what answers they got from their previous partners. Make sure they know that they have to use reported speech (elicit the forms in open class if necessary).
Example: I asked (name of the previous partner) where he/she had been born. He/She told me that he/she had been born in Johannesburg.

Time: 30 min
Font: Bodoni 72 Oldstyle, Garamond


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