B1 Worksheet – Prepositions following adjectives



Age: 25-125
ESL level: CEFR B1
Type: Gap-fill exercise, peer interview (5 pages in pdf format)
Target language: adjective + preposition collocations

Description of activities: Put the students in three groups. Give to the members of each group a set of 9 cards (first 9 questions to Group A, second set of 9 to Group B, the last 9 questions to Group C. Students are asked to complete questions on the stripes (make them copy the questions into their notebook in order to save on printing materials). Monitor them continuously. Make sure they have the correct preposition after each adjective in their questions.
In the second phase put the students in three-some groups (A-B-C). They ask each other their questions. In the feedback session (in open class), elicit some interesting answers they got from their partners.
In the last phase, give a copy of the questions (page 4) to each student and ask them to complete them with the correct prepositions individually.

Time: 35 min
Font: Academy Engraved LET, Garamond


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