BUNDLE: 10 ESL Materials For B1 Students



In this bundle, you can find plenty of materials for a B1 course. The following materials are included:

  1. B1 Negotiation Task: Testament Negotiation
  2. B1 Collaborative Task & WebQuest: Services
  3. B1 Prompts: Indirect questions & reported speech
  4. B1 Investigative Speaking Activity: Detective Game
  5. B1 Speaking Prompts: Do me a favour
  6. B1 Question-Answer Drill Task: Indirect questions
  7. B1 Speaking Activity: Match Making (describing people)
  8. B1 Investigative Speaking Task: Used To Worksheet
  9. B1 Speaking Worksheet: Abilities (can/be able to)
  10. B1 Info-gap Worksheets: Big numbers (2)


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