BUNDLE: 10 ESL Worksheets for YL Students



This bundle consists of 10 ESL materials to be used with YLA1-A2 students. You will get the following files:

  1. YLA1 Speaking Task: What superheroes can do
  2. A1 Info-gap Speaking Task: Measurements
  3. A1 Grammar Cards: Irregular plural
  4. A1 Worksheet: Blind maze
  5. YL Reading / Listening Worksheet – The Smiley Family
  6. YL Reading / Listening Worksheet – Snail House
  7. Six YL Worksheets – Colour the dog on the left/on the right
  8. YL Reading Worksheet: Error Hunt with Mice
  9. YL booklet: Cats Cats Cats (purr-fect fun in English)
  10. YLA2 Info-gap Speaking Task: King Cards


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