BUNDLE: 15 ESL Worksheets for A1 Classes



This bundle offers 15 materials. The topics vary from siblings over flights to grammar practice with ‘have got’. The materials are mainly for teen and adult students, but many of them are suitable for YL classes (Who lives here, Irregular Plural, etc.).
You will get the following materials:

  1. A1 Question-Answer Drill Task: Have you got…?
  2. A1 Speaking Prompts: Have you got what I need?
  3. A1 Question-Answer Drill: How much? How many?
  4. A1 Question-Answer Drill Task: Can you…?
  5. A1 Jig-Saw Reading Worksheet: Who lives here?
  6. A1 Speaking Worksheet: Siblings are different
  7. A1 Worksheet: Questions with to be
  8. A1 Grammar Cards: Irregular plural
  9. A1 Worksheet: Class survey
  10. A1 Info-Gap Worksheets: Flights
  11. A1 – Comparing Cities (Info-gap Worksheet)
  12. A1 Vocabulary & Spelling Game Worksheet
  13. A1 worksheet: Prepositions of place (office)
  14. A1 worksheet: Prepositions of place (garden)
  15. A1 worksheet: Prepositions of place (room)


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