BUNDLE: 15 ESL Worksheets For Your A2 Class



This bundle offers 15 different topics/materials to teach English to teens and adults. The included materials are:

  1. A2 Question-Answer Drill Task: Would you like…?
  2. A2 Role-play Task: Shopping game
  3. A2 Collaborative Speaking Task: Places
  4. A2 Collaborative Speaking Task: Jobs
  5. A2 Vocabulary Task: In the supermarket
  6. A2 Info-gap Speaking Task: Hotels
  7. A2 Role-Play Cards: Family Calendar (appointments)
  8. A2 Speaking: Social media & present perfect
  9. A2 Conversation Worksheet: Christmas Seating Plan
  10. A2 Worksheet: Calorie Calculator (Food Diary)
  11. A2 Speaking Worksheet: Simple Past
  12. A2 Speaking Worksheet: Present Perfect
  13. A2 Worksheet: Adverbs of Frequency
  14. A2 Web-Ralley & Info-Gap Speaking Task
  15. A1-A2 Worksheets: Homophone error-hunt


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