BUNDLE (A2-B1): 3 ESL WebQuests For Your Class



Three worksheets offering web research tasks:

  1. A2 Web-Ralley & Info-Gap Speaking Task
    Age: 8-88+
    ESL level: CEFR A2
    Type: Web-Quest, Info-gap Speaking Worksheet (1 page in pdf format)
    Target language: Questions with how much/how many and comparisons (use of comparative and superlative adjectives)
    Description of activities: Students are asked to do some online research on one chosen country, looking for up-to-date data about a list of factors (such as number of inhabitants, cars, forest area in square km, etc.).
    After this preparation phase, students interview three other students about their chosen countries and collect data (in the same chart).
    Finally, students compare the countries (in pairs or in open class).
    Time: 20 + 25 + 15 min (= 60 min in total)
    The preparation task can be assigned for homework in the previous lesson.
  2. A2 Worksheet: Calorie Calculator (Food Diary)
    Age: 9-99
    ESL level: CEFR A2
    Type: WebQuest (Student’s worksheet + Answer key included)
    Target language: food items, numbers
    Description of activity: Students are asked to look for specific food items on a chosen website and count the calories in four diets (including breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner). In some cases, the quantity is different from the one on the website, so students need to calculate the correct amounts. At the end, they get the total calories and discuss which diet is the healthiest.
    Collaborative version: Students can work in pairs and dictate food names and the numbers to each other. This way they need to listen to their partners.
    Time: 30 min
    Font type: Garamond, Courier New
  3. B1 Collaborative Task & WebQuest: Services
    Age: 18-200
    ESL level: CEFR B1
    Type: matching, 2 pages in pdf format to be printed and cut up
    Target language: five professions/institutions (bank, hairdresser, beautician, accountant, dentist) and their services
    Description of activity:
    Students work in pairs or small groups and get a set of cards (with 5 professions/institution and their services).
    In a first round, they match each service to the branch (the suggested answers are organised into columns in the original chart).
    After a feedback session, you can follow up with a web-quest. Ask your students to browse the net and find an important beauty salon or dentistry or bank in three metropolitans (e.g. New York, Tokyo and Dubai). Ask them to choose one branch, take notes of the prices in a pre-set currency (you can convert prices into $, £ or € as you prefer. You can also discuss eventual differences in names of the services or any other services, the difficulty to find these info (to make things easier, they can also compare one of the branches in their own country, however, they should look for the English version of the websites). Finally, you can compare where it’s the most expensive to have your teeth whitened or the cheapest to get manicures.
    Time: 20 + 30 min
    Font: Bodoni 72 Oldstyle, Garamond


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