Bundle: Amazing Christmas Stuff for ESL lessons



This Bundle consists of 10 Christmas materials for kids, teens, adults and even Business English classes:

  1. Christmas Activities for Teens (CEFR B2-C1) – 2022
  2. Christmas Activities for 6-12-year Old Kids 2022
  3. B1 Christmas lesson with teen/adult ESL students – Student’s version & Teacher’s version
  4. Christmas Activity Book for YL: Guided Colouring (and drawing)
  5. A2 Conversation Worksheet: Christmas Seating Plan
  6. B1 Business English – Christmas Business Negotiations
  7. A1-A2 GAME: Christmas Chase (Get ready, Santa and go!): Game rules, printable cards and board
  8. Video-based Christmas Activities for kids & teens (2022)
  9. An Unconventional LP – Christmas In A Different Light: Lesson plan, Student’s version & Teacher’s version (shared pdf-files on Drive)
  10. ESL Slides for Kids & Teens: Christmas Taboo Cards

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Bundle price: 18.00€
Discount: 40%


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