10 ELT-Tutor Activity Books for Extraordinary Kids



This bundle includes 8 activity books for a really competitive price. The Activity Books are:

  1. TOYS: a 19-page activity book ready to print for English-learning Young Learners (ideal age: 6-10 years). This material is available for free download.
  2. SWEETS: 20 pages to teach the names of SWEETS to Cambridge Starters, Movers and Flyers.
  3. BEACH: a 19-page activity book about things you see/use on the beach for 6-10-year old pupils.
  4. ANIMALS: a 22-page YL booklet teaching animals + irregular plurals, modal verb can& questions.
  5. MEALS: a 26-page activity book for elementary ESL classes teaching meals and frequency adverbs.
  6. HOUSE: a booklet for A2 YL classes about houses, prepositions of place and present perfect questions.
  7. CLOTHES: a 31-page activity book about clothes and plenty of picture descriptions (present continuous).
  8. CITY & COUNTRYSIDE: a 34-page booklet for YL classes about living in a city, a village the mountains and on an island. The target grammar is adjectives (comparatives & superlatives).


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