BUNDLE: Four ESL Materials for B1+/B2 Students



This bundle consists of four materials:

  1. B2 Info-gap Speaking Task: Reading Glasses
    Age: 18-180
    ESL level: CEFR B2
    Type: info-gap speaking task, 3 versions (Student A-B-C) a copy of the complete chart in pdf format (4 pages in total)
    Target language: lexical items linked to glassesDescription of activity:
    Students work in three-some groups and exchange information about 6 pairs of reading glasses, describing among others their materials (lens and frame), eligibility for reimbursement, need of prescription, lens power, suitability for double vision, type of glasses, price, etc. At the end they analyse the collected data and compare the reading glasses. There is a complete chart for the teacher at the end of the file.

    Time: 20 + 15 min
    Font: Bodoni 72 Oldstyle, Garamond

  2. ESL Collaborative Game Task: Top Chef (B1+/B2)
    Age: 16-180
    ESL level: CEFR B1+-B2
    Type: collaborative task, 8 pages in pdf file to be printed and cut up into cards (and sorted into three categories: list of ingredients, names of dishes, ingredient cards)
    Target language: lexical items linked to cooking, cousin, dishesDescription of activity:
    Students work in small groups. Before you start with the activities, you might need to pre-teach some of the ingredient names.
    In the first round, they receive the lists of ingredients and guess what the dish might be.
    In the second round, they get the cards with the names of the dishes and match them to the ingredient lists.
    In the third round, students get the ingredient cards and the names of the dishes (without the list of ingredients) and try to reconstruct the ingredient lists.
    In a final round, student draw ten of the ingredients and try to make a dish. They describe their dish to the other students. Decide which dish is the most original and the most delicious.

    Time: 30+ min
    Font: Lucida Grande, Garamond

  3. B1+ Speaking Prompts: Car issues (When did you last…?)
    Age: 18-125
    ESL level: CEFR B1+
    Type: peer interview (1 page in pdf format to be printed and cut up into cards)
    Target language: vocabulary related to cars, asking and answering questions about cars in simple pastDescription of activity: Students work in small groups. Each group get a set of cards. First elicit the meaning of the items. Then ask the students to talk about these actions and find out who was the last to do these things. The task teaches car-related expressions.
    Mind: Students need to be car owners to play this activity.

    Time: 30 min
    Font: Bodoni 72 Oldstyle, Garamond

  4. B1+ Investigative Worksheet: Whose Waste Is It?
    Age: 10-99
    ESL level: CEFR B1+
    Type: Investigative Speaking Task (1-page worksheet in pdf format with possible answer suggestions)
    Target language: making deductions (must/may/might/can’t + infinitive I/II)
    Description of activity: Students work in pairs or small groups. They get a list of the content of three garbage cans and make deductions about the people who might live in the three households. The groups are asked to justify their conclusions.
    Time: 30 min
    Font type: Bodoni 72 Oldstyle
    Image: Supplied courtesy of PIXABAY ( All pictures are free to use also for commercial use without attribution.


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