BUNDLE: Three ESL Role-Play Tasks (A2-B1)



This bundle contains the following materials:

  1. A2 Role-play Task: Shopping game
    Age: 14-99
    ESL level: CEFR A2
    Type: role-play cards and visuals (7 pages, 4 in colour, in pdf format)
    Target language: language linked to asking about products and payment methods

    Description of activity:
    This is a bundle of three role-play activities. A customer and a shop assistant dialogue in a shoe shop, a cosmetic shop and/or an accessories shop. They talk about colours, sizes, discounts, special offers and payment methods.
    Each situation is accompanied with a set of visuals and 2 copies of the two versions (Student A = client, Student B = shop assistant).
    The shoe shop situation also includes some cultural teaching about shoe size conversion (European vs American system).
    Student can work in pairs and swap partners for each situation. In a final feedback session, you can ask for creative ideas or effective sales tips.

    Time: 3 x 15 min
    Font: Garamond
    Note: Images supplied courtesy of PIXABAY (
    All pictures are free to use also for commercial use without attribution.

  2. A2 Role-Play Cards: Family Calendar (appointments)
    Age: 16-100
    ESL level: CEFR A2
    Type: role-play (1 page to be cut up into 4 stripes, pdf format)
    Target language: making appointments, making suggestions, accepting/refusing suggestions

    Description of activities: Students work in four-some groups and get one role (mum, dad, son or daughter). They receive their weekly schedule and three appointments to make with the other family members. They talk to each other (in pairs or all four together, like at a dinner table) and try to make the appointments with the other ones.

    Time: 30 min
    Font: Didot, Garamond

  3. B1 Speaking Prompts: Do me a favour
    Age: 20-125
    ESL level: CEFR B1
    Type: role-play (3 pages in pdf format to print and cut up)
    Target language: Asking for a favour, accepting or refusing to help, reacting to ‘thank you’

    Description of activities: Students work in pairs. They have 14 situations. In half of these they ask for a favour, in the other half they need to react to a request.
    Students are asked to role-play a dialogue.
    They can swap partners after two situations in order to talk to many classmates.

    For further language training, there are 7 expressions we use when accepting or refusing a request and 7 ways of reacting to ‘thank you’. Each student gets a set of these expressions (or copy them into their notebook). The aim of the task is to use as many of these expressions as possible. You can also think of a reward for the first three students who are able to insert these expressions into their dialogues accurately before their peers.

    Finish the activity with an open-class feedback session discussing the general outcomes of the role-plays.

    Time: 45 min
    Font: American Typewriter, Garamond


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