Cambridge Key (A2) Speaking Exam Part 2 Prompts



Age: 12-99
ESL level: CEFR A2
Type: exam preparation materials, speaking prompts (visuals, questions) – 36 pages in pdf format (partly in colour), size: 8.4Mb
Target language:
Exam tasks in Cambridge Key (for Schools) Speaking Part 2: discussing likes and dislikes, giving reasons, asking simple questions, answering questions, all topic fields covered at CEFR A2 level

Description of activity:
This is a complex booklet preparing for Cambridge Key (for Schools) Speaking Part 2 which has been different since 2020. Since changes were made to the exam format, candidates are required to lead a short discussion about preferences (likes and dislikes), give reasons and answer follow-up questions about the topic. 

This material covers 21 topics and offers 35 sets of visuals and questions to rehearse this part of the speaking papers.
The visuals in the real exam are black&white, here some of them are in colour.
The format and the instructions strictly follow the official standards of the exam.
The pages are suitable for general vocabulary revision too.

Time: 35 x 10 min (if the part is rehearsed only once as in real life, however it can extended to a 30-minute activity: eliciting lexical items, rehearsal, pair-swap: rehearsal again, feedback session)
Font: Cochin, Garamond
Note: Images supplied courtesy of PIXABAY (
All pictures are free to use also for commercial use without attribution.

HERE, you can download a sample page.


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