Cambridge Preliminary (B1) Speaking Simulation



Age: 12-121
ESL level: CEFR B1
Type: Cambridge Preliminary (B1) Speaking exam preparation tasks, simulation (pdf file, 29.5Mb)
Target language: comparing pictures, asking and answering questions about topics related to one’s personal life, describing a picture (in one minute), making a short comment, discussion, negotiation and decision-making in collaboration, answering general questions, commenting on the other’s opinion

Description of activities: This is 74-page complex exam preparation materials. The aim of the exercises is to prepare for the Cambridge Preliminary (B1) Speaking exam. There are 24 topics, each with four tasks:

  • the first task is different from the exam task: there are two pictures and students are asked to name differences between the two pictures. This exercise helps you and your student to elicit, collect and reactivate the most possible lexical items linked to the topic in the shortest time.
  • the second task is Part 2 of the speaking exam: students in turns describe one-one picture in about a minute (extended run).
  • the third task is Part 3 in the official exam: students in pairs discuss options to a problems/situation and make a mutual decision (e.g. choosing the best birthday present for a common friend).
  • the fourth task is Part 4 in the real exam: students answer general and more complex questions about the topic individually, in collaboration and/or comment on their partner’s opinion.

The materials are organised into topics, although in the exam only Part 3 and 4 are linked. So you can mix and match the different parts as you wish.
The materials are suitable for both version of the exam: for Schools and for adults.

Time: 24 x 20 min
Font: Bodoni 72 Oldstyle, Garamond
Note: Images supplied courtesy of PIXABAY ( and PEXELS (
All pictures are free to use also for commercial use without attribution.



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