Cambridge Starters Official Wordlist – Printable Cards


Taboo is an excellent game to revise vocabulary with Young Learners. This version revises great part of the Cambridge Starters official wordlist.


This pdf file is a 13-page print&cut material for vocabulary revision at Pre-A1 level. The list follows the official wordlist of Cambridge Assessment English for Cambridge Starters exam (age 7-12).
Every lexical item is highlighted and two ‘taboo-words’ are listed underneath. Students are asked to draw a card and explain the highlighted words to their classmates without saying the two prohibited words.
There are 230 cards ready to use and four blank cards for you to add any words you would like to.
You can use this game at the end of your school year or before an assessment.
This is a fun game for YL classes and it also helps to ensure that your students acquired the requested vocabulary at their level.
Mind: Phrases, functional words (prepositions, connectors, pronouns, question words, etc.), proper names, adverbs, adjectives and some of the verbs were taken from the list due to the difficulty of explaining them. However, some verbs, colours and all nouns are included in the list.


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