Video-based Christmas Activities 2022 for kids & teens



This is a booklet with Christmas activities for kids and young teens with the following tasks:
1) three video quizzes to complete on the online interactive worksheets or on the printable handout;
2) one song quiz revising irregular plural forms with animal names (possible follow-up activity: karaoke);
3) a Scratch animation to play with or to reconstruct the broken code and/or change it;
4) one guided colouring task (also available in this downloadable free booklet);
5) a guided drawing task and
6) an exit ticket.

The activity book is ideal for ESL students (CEFR level: A1-A2), since the videos are picture-based (no listening comprehension required, only in the song task). Every video-based task finishes with a follow-up conversation task and one note-writing exercise.

The file is a printable pdf-file. The following fonts are used: Comic Sans MS, Garamond and Chalkduster. The black-and-white pictures are taken from Pixabay (free for commercial use without attribution).


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