ESL Activity Book for 6-10-year-old Sweet Children: Sweets


Teach lexical items linked to topic field ‘Sweets‘ to primary school kids. Ideal before Christmas, Befana (in Italy), Easter and Halloween, any sweet-stuffed holidays.


This 20-page activity book aims at teaching 6-10-year-old YL students the following vocabulary: sweets – biscuits, cake, chewing gum, chocolate, cupcake, donut, gummy bear, hard candy, lollipop, pralines.
The requested CEFR level is: A1/A2.
The target vocabulary is introduced with a picture dictionary.
Most exercises follow the Cambridge Young Learner Exam task typology: scrambled words, counting (How many … can you count?), picture comparisons, I Spy pictures, conversation questions, yes/no questions about pictures, guided colouring, true/false statements about a photo and a story with gaps to fill.
To enhance the pupils’ learning and classroom experience, the exam exercises are mixed with engaging and fun activities, such as picture labelling, mind map, a menu to complete, math problems, bingo cards and two craft activities.
The activity book closes with an exit ticket.
The activity book offers plenty of materials for 3-4 lessons.


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