ESL Activity Book For 6-10-year-old Terrific Kids: Toys


A ready-to-print booklet full of colourful exercises for online or in-class YL courses or for home-schooling.


This is a 19-page ESL activity book ready to print, ideal for 6-10-year old English-learning kids. The target vocabulary is TOYS: action figure, ball, board game, cards, costumes, doll, doll house, building blocks, marbles, puzzle (jigsaw), teddy (bear), toy car. The vocabulary is introduced with the help of a picture dictionary (indicating indefinite article a/an in singular and listing also the plural form).
Most exercises follow the Cambridge Young Learner Exam task typology: scrambled words, picture-oriented yes/no questions, sentence completion and guided coloring (instructions written, not in audio).
To enhance the pupils’ learning and classroom experience, the exam exercises are mixed with engaging and fun activities, such as mystery objects, categorizing target vocabulary, crosswords, math problems, bingo cards and a final craft activity.
The booklet ends with an exit ticket.
The materials give plenty of activities to use in about 2-3 lessons.


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