ESL Activity Book For Cosy Kids: House, Rooms, Furniture


If you are looking for classroom materials teaching vocabulary related to housing or you want to teach questions in present perfect and/or revise prepositions of place, you are at the right place.


This is a 38-page booklet for 6-12-year old Young Learners at A2 level. Since the exercises follow the Cambridge Young Learner Exam task typology, this material is ideal for training Cambridge Flyers.
The worksheet covers the following points:
VOCABULARY: rooms: balcony, bathroom, bedroom, children’s room, corridor, dining room, garage, garden, kitchen, laundry room, living-room, study; furniture: armchair, bed, bookcase, carpet, chair, clock, coffee-table, couch, cupboard, lamp, painting/picture, plant, table, wardrobe;
GRAMMAR: Prepositions of place: in, on, next to, on the left/right, between, in front of, behind; There was/were; present perfect (Have you ever…?) vs. simple past.
After a picture dictionary, you can find the following tasks: categorizing, scrambled words, picture-based yes/no questions, labelling, definitions (comprehension and production), math problems, picture memo, questions about students’ apartments, home design, sentences writing with prepositions of place, justifying (I /don’t/ like my house, because…), find the differences, picture dictation, crazy story writing and drawing, Have you ever…? questions and short answers, follow-up questions in simple past, verb chart (infinitive – simple past form – past participle), guided colouring, peer-coloring, finish the story (in drawing and writing), video watching with true/false questions (The Emperor’s New Groove, scene from YouTube), simplified Cluedo.
The activity book closes with an exit ticket.
The materials are sufficient for 4-5 lessons.


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