ESL Activity Book for 6-12-year-old Trendy Kids: Clothes


Looking for some activities with high-quality visuals to use in your in-class or online ESL lesson? This booklet is taught to engage elementary and secondary school students with or without exam preparation.


This is a 31-page ready-to-print activity book for English-learning Young Learners (ideal age: 6-12 years).
The target vocabulary is CLOTHES: baseball cap, bathing suit, boots, bracelet, coat, belt, dress, hat, helmet, gloves, jacket, jeans, pocket, scarf, shirt, shoes, shorts, skirt, socks, stripe, striped, suit, sunglasses, sweater, tie, top, trainers, T-shirt, umbrella, uniform, watch, wear.
The lexical items are taken from the official Cambridge Young Learners word lists for Starters, Movers and Flyers.
The vocabulary is introduced with the help of a picture dictionary. Students are invited to decide if the items are in singular or plural, to add the correct indefinite articles a/an to the words and finally the colour (word order: article + adjective + noun).
Most exercises follow the Cambridge Young Learner Exam task typology: scrambled words, picture-oriented yes/no questions, sentence completion, picture description and comparison, and guided coloring (instructions written, not in audio).
To enhance the pupils’ learning and classroom experience, the exam exercises are mixed with engaging and fun activities, such as I Spy, categorizing target vocabulary, peer colouring (picture dictation) and a final craft activity.
The booklet ends with an exit ticket gives plenty of activities to use in about 3-5 lessons.


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