ESL Activity Book For School Kids (aged 6-12): Meals


Discuss Food & Drinks differently: This ESL activity book is full of colourful exercises, challenging tasks and enjoyable activities, for YLE exam preparation or just a regular fun English lesson. Ideal for Cambridge Starters, Movers and Flyers.


This is a 26-page activity book for 6-10-year-old Young Learner classes. The target language is:
breakfast: biscuits, cereals, egg & toast, fruit, milk, pancake;
lunch: burger & chips, pasta, sandwich, soup;
dinner: chicken curry, fish & vegetables, pizza, roast chicken & potatoes, salad;
GRAMMAR: frequency adverbs, could + infinitive
(simple present questions and present continuous are indirectly revised).
The exercises follow the Cambridge Young Learner Exam task typology: scrambled words, yes/no questions, spotting differences between pictures (photo-version), picture-based story-writing and guided colouring (reading, not listening), questions simulating Cambridge Starters Speaking/Movers Part 4.
In addition, there are many fun exercises to keep your students engaged and motivated: categorizing, personalized crazy questions, reading about other young people, a monster’s menu, math problems, taboo cards, a craft activity, etc.
The activity book starts with a picture dictionary and closes with an exit ticket.
The materials provided are enough for 4-5 lessons.


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