ESL Activity Book For Cool School Children: Animals


Teaching primary school kids without a textbook? Home-schooling and looking for fun activities to teach animals and English grammar to your child? This activity book might solve your problem.


This 22-page activity for 6-10-year-old primary school students teaches:
VOCABULARY: cat, chicken, dog, fish, goat, hippo, horse, lion, mouse, parrot, penguin, sheep GRAMMAR: irregular plural forms, can + infinitive, present simple questions.
All this enriched with fun and engaging activities, most following the Cambridge Young Learner Exam task typology: scrambled words, picture-based yes/no questions, reading a story with comprehension questions, guided colouring, simulation of Cambridge Starter Speaking Part 1.
Learning is enhanced through enjoyable tasks like tongue-twisters, math problems, puzzles, taboo cards and 2 craft activities.
The activity book closes with an exit ticket.
There are plenty of materials for 4-5 lessons.


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