ESL Back-to-School Activity Book for Pre-teens (age 11-13)



This 30-page activity book for pre-teens and their teachers include photocopiable pages for your students revising a wide range of school-related vocabulary and some A2-B1 grammar points (from tenses and auxiliaries to second conditional and tag questions). The second part of the booklet is designed for teachers and contains a list of possible class activities with attached printable pages. The booklet finishes with an exit ticket.
Most of the exercises are conversation-based and give students the opportunity to get to know each other or get back to each other.
In addition to the proposed class discussions, you can find a list of adapted game activities, such as tic-tac-toe with three groups of checkers, a secret message finder, a fortune-teller game and a craft activity creating a find-the-identical-objects card game.
The booklet is ideal for pre-teens (age 11-13), but most of the activities are suitable also for younger or older classes.
The following fonts are used in this document: Comic Sans MS, Chalkboard, Garamond and Georgia.
Download one sample page HERE.


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