ESL Lesson Plan: Describe Paintings – Virtual Museums & Vocabulary In Art


Try this thought-provoking lesson plan when teaching/revising picture description or discuss art with your class (physical or online course).


This lesson plan revises useful expressions to describe a picture (a photo or a painting), goes through prepositions of places and expands the topic to ‘art’.

It refers to a TED-ED video-quiz (How art can help you analyze by Amy E. Herman – customized) and a TED Talk (Building a museum of museums on the web by Amit Sood).

The materials can be used with A2-B1 students, but also to revise picture description at B2 level.

It also offers further (more advanced) listening tasks and an interesting discovery tour into digitalized art.

You will receive:
– a lesson plan (pdf-file)
– three interactive worksheets (Google forms) to discuss target vocabulary and to follow while watching the TEDTalk.


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